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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Ozone Park Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health
Dr. Joseph Campisi

  • I had constant upper and lower back pain for a long time. After two weeks of care I felt improvement and now I have more energy, I am able to walk long distances and my circulation has improved.

    - Patricia
  • Chiropractic is a very positive alternative to prescriptions and other drugs.

    - Elain

Friendly and Great

Five stars! Dr. Campisi is thoughtful and insightful. He spends time listening and explaining the science behind your ailments and the ways he can help. He also offers suggestions and exercises to incorporate into your daily life so that you can help yourself heal too. The office staff is friendly and great with scheduling, I never have to wait to be seen.*


Sciatic Pain Relief

The chronic sciatic pain that went down my right leg affected everything from sleeping to getting dressed. I was unable to stand long, sit long or lay down for a long period of time. After the fourth visit there was some relief and I slept the first full nights sleep in years. I can now sleep without the pain waking me up at night and my overall health has improved. After 2 years of very painful epidural steroid shots, countless pain medication, surgery (lumbar discectomy) with no real pain relief, I wish I tried chiropractic from the beginning. Thank you Dr. Campisi.


Pain After Child Birth

After I gave birth to my daughter Amirah I was in so much pain that I was unable to walk. I came into the office with a cane in one hand and my brother on the other. It’s always a little scary to see a new doctor especially a chiropractor because you don’t know what to expect. But Dr. Campisi and his staff were very friendly and the doctor took his time and explained the problem. After 6 weeks of gradual improvement the pain was finally gone. I have recommended my family and friends to Dr. Campisi.


Neck and Back Pain

I originally saw Dr. Campisi because I had neck and back pain that was never resolved from a car accident that happened years ago. I had trouble sleeping and sitting or standing for a long time. I felt better immediately and gradually improved over the following weeks. After treating for a while I noticed the additional benefit of improving my asthma and I had less frequent episodes of breathing difficulty. I have recommended others to Dr. Campisi because I tried so many places before I came here and if I can help somebody go to the right place from the start I know it would be a great help for them.


Thank You Dr. Campisi!

I received a severe injury to my head, neck and spine. When I began care with Dr. Campisi I couldn’t even cook, clean or drive. Now I can do that and more. The staff is wonderful… always very friendly and caring.


Significant Improvement within Two Weeks!

I could not do my daily activities without pain in my low back. I felt better immediately, with significant improvement within 2 weeks. Now I have resumed my daily activities with no pain. I feel better as soon as I walk through the door.


Neck and Wrist Pain

I was having problems in my neck and wrists because I sit for long periods at the computer for work. I had mild discomfort after my first adjustment, but after two weeks of regular visits I noticed considerable improvement and my general health overall. I also had a nagging sinus condition that had bothered me for years that improved greatly.


Herniated Disc

I wasn’t able to work out or lay down for long periods of time without pain. Even though I have several herniated discs in my neck and back I felt much better after about 4-6 months of care. Now I come in periodically to keep my spine in good shape and prevent my injuries from getting aggravated again.


It’s a Miracle!

I had a lot of pain that prevented me from doing my daily routine. I noticed a lot of improvement between the 1st and 8th visit. Without a doubt I would recommend chiropractic to others. Dr. Campisi is a miracle worker.


Take Care of Your Body!

I’ve realized that sometimes you take your body for granted and not really take care of it (especially your spine). Since I’ve been visiting Dr. Campisi’s office I have felt a tremendous change. I thank Dr. Campisi for getting me back on my feet and on the road to recovery.


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